Steve Cantwell is a doctoral researcher at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. He received a BSocSci(Hon) in Cognitive Science with an emphasis on cognitive and physiological psychology, and an MSocSci(Hon) investigating the speed adaptation of young novice drivers to common New Zealand road environments, for which he received the John Kirby Road Safety Award in 2012. His doctorate focuses on the role of hazard detection, situational awareness, and cognition in adolescent drivers using video traffic scenarios and eye-tracking technology. His research explores hazard detection, and the effectiveness of commentary training by looking at eye scanning and its ability to improve hazard detection and speeds novices choose to drive. He believes commentary training is a useful tool that can be used by parents and instructors to develop situational awareness and improve the way novice drivers’ search for hazards, and use strategies to deal with them. He believes that commentary driving could be easily implemented as part of novice driver training, and could potentially reduce the number of preventable crashes by changing the way young drivers ‘read the road’ and respond to different traffic situations. Higher-level training may additionally provide young drivers with a more accurately calibrated understanding of their actual driving ability compared with their perceived level of competence, promoting safer driving and reduced risk taking on the roads.
University of Waikato
BSocSci (Hons) in Cognitive Science
Hillcrest, Hamilton, New Zealand
Tel: +64 211 093 767